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Life is for the Alive by FrauThenardier
Life is for the Alive
Here we have the second in my Broadway Successors Series, this time the offspring of Sweeney Todd (AKA Benjamin Barker) and Nellie Lovett in an alternate universe (although again, not all by both, and one isn't the biological offspring of either). This was requested by Selinelle (as well as the universe being used) after she won my "Guess the Parents" Contest (don't worry- I plan on doing another one. I think it's kind of fun.). I will also be doing Revivalverse (the offspring of Cerveris!Sweeney and LuPone!Lovett) and Musicalverse (the offspring of Cariou!Sweeney and Lansbury!Lovett) because I have ideas for them too. (I know those three actresses and actors all play the same character... but it's strange, I've always seen each of their versions as separate entities in a way, sort of like alternate-universe versions of each other... not entirely sure how to explain that. I'm the same way about the play and movie versions of Into the Woods.)

From left to right, we have Johanna Barker Hope, Tobias Ragg, Isabel Lovett Todd, Benjamin Todd, Claudetta Todd and Lucinda Todd.

In this universe, the night Judge Turpin, the Beadle, and Lucy Barker were killed, Mrs. Lovett wasted less time screaming and managed to get her rival in the oven and burning to a crisp before Sweeney came down to the bakehouse. With Sweeney's revenge complete, the murder spree came to an end. Together, the pie maker and barber found Toby and - just barely- managed to convince him that he was imagining things (or so they thought). Soon they started selling pies with regular meat in them instead of murdered customers and within a year, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett were married. They never went to the seaside, or even left London, but they lived a decent life for themselves; maybe not like Sweeney had or Lovett dreamed, but good enough just the same. Sweeney never loved his new wife, but eventually he accepted her as what he had, and if he didn't want to have other children for fear of  replacing Johanna, he never got in her way. He basically left their children alone, except for Lucinda, who reminded him of Lucy and Johanna (if she had resembled him) in her own way- but that's a story for later. He never saw Johanna again, unfortunately, and never had any real relationship with Toby, who despised him for the rest of their lives.

After Judge Turpin was killed, Johanna and Anthony left London forever. It was just too painful for Johanna to ever think about returning, and the specter of the night when she was almost killed by Sweeney Todd never left her. In this picture, she is pregnant with her and Anthony's first child, baby Lucinda Hope, known to everyone as "Lucy," like her grandmother that she would never meet. The Hopes would go on to have two sons and two more daughters, and would adopt, at Johanna's urging, the infant twin daughters of two of their friends, who died of a sickness. The memory of her childhood never left Johanna, and she never wanted any child to have to go through what she did, what still visited her in her dreams at night no matter how much time passed. As a result of this, Johanna became a member of a couple of women's socities for the prevention of cruelty to children and together, she and Anthony worked to help change the horrible conditions in insane asylums. She died peacefully in her sleep in her late eighties, surrounded by the loving family she'd always wished for, but there were many nightmares and emotional breakdowns in her life leading up to that.

After the Incident with the deaths of the Beadle, Judge Turpin, and the Old Beggar Woman, Toby continued to live with Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovett. Mrs. Lovett was always his "mum," but he never trusted Sweeney. He grew up trying to "protect" his foster-siblings from their father, who he never wanted to leave alone with them, and when he eventually fell for Isabel, as soon as they were married he whisked her off to the seaside, out of the demon barber's reach. They never saw Sweeney again, but Mrs. Lovett visited often. Growing up with no family and under terrible conditions made him extremely cautious and protective of his family, and his children had the most attentive father in town, his wife often said. Isabel, in turn, sometimes found herself smothered by her husband, but that didn't change the feelings she had for him.

You many not recognize Isabel from my old picture, "Three Versions of Isobelle." Do not worry, she is undergoing a major overhaul in terms of character, see if she can be saved *fingers crossed*. Isabel was Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett's first child together, born either during the time when the cannibal meat pies were being sold or not very long after. Her parents were not yet married when she was born, so at first she bore her mother's last name. When Isabel was born, Mrs. Lovett fell madly in love with her, as she was not only the pie maker's first living child, but the fruition of her deepest desire- a child with her beautiful Benjamin Barker, now Sweeney Todd. As a result, Mummy spoiled her baby girl absolutely rotten- until the end of her life, Isabel was Nellie's favorite child- and Toby, thrilled to pieces for his "Mum," took instantly to his role as honorary big brother. Forever - as with all of his honorary "sisters", really- one did not disrespect Isabel Lovett Todd without running afoul of Tobias. In fact, they even ended up together in the long run, provided that's not too odd *he isn't her biological brother, after all, and he is never legally adopted by Sweeney and Lovett....*. However, Sweeney Todd, still intensely grieving over Johanna, never quite knew what to do with Isabel, and their relationship wasn't much better than cordial. Isabel is a sweet young lady, but a little odd. She had a strange fascination with the macabre; she loved ghost stories and had gotten very good at telling them, her favorite being one she made up herself about a barber who kills his customers and a baker who bakes the corpses into meat pies (little does she know).  She loved to go to dissections and the operating theatre, when she could. The Burke and Hare incident and Jack the Ripper were her favorite legends. For her sixteenth birthday, her younger brother gave her a tamed raven as a present, which was her favorite pet she ever owned. After they got married, Isabel and Toby moved by the seaside, where they lived out Mrs. Lovett's dream, with a house by the sea where they sometimes had the odd-paying guest from the weekend trippers (Isabel sometimes joked with her husband about "doing the guest in..." which Toby never liked, nor would he ever share her fascination with the morbid) and chums over every friday. There, they raised their three sons and two daughters happily, and lived to see a good handful of grandchildren. One of their sons even inherited his mother's fascination with operating theatres and went on to become a successful doctor.

Benjamin Barker Todd was named completely by his mother, it must be said. Out of all of his children, Sweeney Todd had the worst relationship with Ben, as the boy was familiarly called. He saw himself in the boy, and couldn't bear to watch him follow in his footsteps in life, so he acted as if Ben didn't exist. Mrs. Lovett, on the other hand, wanted him to be like the Benjamin Barker she knew, and tried to mold him into that- whether or not it was subconscious on her part, no one quite knew. The fact remained that Ben didn't like being molded into a person who was spiritually killed years before he was born, and as soon as he was old enough, he ran away with a girl he fell in love with who understood him for the smart, serious, not-as-naïve as the original Benjamin Barker he so resembled, that he was. He left his forced job as a barber and, with the help of Isabel and Toby, the only ones of his siblings who ever understood him, opened a curiosity shop and began the study of law.  Still though, his life was doomed to follow the pattern of his father's. Ben's wife died in childbirth, leaving him alone with their baby girl who he called "Johanna" after the sister he never met. He never married again, and eventually the two of them faded into the cracks, away from the family, and never saw them again, except for Isabel and Toby, with whom he exchanged letters all their lives.

Claudetta was born a few years after Benjamin, and the inspiration for her name came from one of the many names Mrs. Lovett has been given in her various incarnations. According to Wikipedia, aside from Nellie, Mrs. Lovett has been called Sarah, Maggie, Margery, Shirley, Claudetta and Wilhelmina in various versions of the story. Given Mrs. Lovett's tendency towards pretentiousness and snobbery, what with her fancy gowns and her fancy airs, it stands to reason that she would give her daughters purposely classier names like "Isabel" and "Claudetta." Claudetta not only took after her mother in looks, but in snobbishness as well. Like all of her siblings, she was spoiled rotten by her mother. However, unlike Isabel and Lucinda, she didn't mature into the "spoiled sweet" trope. In truth, Claudetta always thought herself too good for the family. For that reason, among others, she never really got along with her siblings, and liked to pretend she was of no relation to the barber and his wife. This was fine with Sweeney; he never really had much of a relationship with any of his kids, because they were not Johanna and their mother was not Lucy, which he could never quite get over. One day, Claudetta met an up-and-coming businessman from America who was smitten with her intense beauty and who took her home with him to be his wife after she was lured into his arms with his stories of his wealth. She lived her days in America as a trophy wife (or whatever the equivalent of that time period would be), ruling tyrannically over her servants and social-climbing every chance she got, although try as she might to compensate, the fact that her father was a barber and her mother a pie maker would always stand against her with some. She had three children, two girls and a boy, who she never really saw too much, as they were raised by maids and Claudetta had become a full-fledged society lady.

Lucinda was the youngest Todd child, and came as quite a surprise to her parents, who thought that the former Nellie Lovett's childbearing days were behind them. Out of all her siblings, she was the only one who ever came close to earning the affection her father had for Johanna, the older half-sister she never met. Sweeney insisted that they call the quiet, delicate child "Lucinda," after his wife (like his daughter would as well with her own child, but he would never know this); Mrs. Lovett outwardly agreed, but fumed inside and made sure that little Lucinda Todd never answered to "Lucy." Lucinda's relationship with her parents was the mirror of that of her older sister, Isabel: she was always her father's favorite, and spent her childhood as almost "Daddy's little princess," often sitting in his barber shop and watching him work and going on special outings with him, while her relationship with her mother, to the end, wasn't much more than cordial.  Sweeney, however, became controlling, and Lucinda sometimes ended up feeling as trapped as Johanna before her. Sweeney did not want to lose THIS Lucinda, and so he kept her closely guarded, and poor Lucinda never really had a life of her own. Lucinda had a husband at one point, a young judge- he didn't last long. Sweeney never really got on with him, and one night, he disappeared. The next day, Nellie made a fresh batch of meat pies, and there were plenty left over... and Lucinda's thoughts wandered back to her older sister's story. She wondered, but she never dared ask, and spent the rest of her life telling herself she was being foolish. Her short-lived marriage produced a beautiful baby daughter, who would also be spoiled and jealously protected by her grandfather Sweeney Todd. Lucinda never married again and spent the rest of her life caring for her parents as they aged. She grew more depressed and resentful as the years went by, and when her daughter eloped, it has been speculated that Lucinda helped her. When Sweeney and Nellie died, it was sudden; suspicions were raised when Lucinda was found passed away on her bed, having poisoned herself, a bottle of arsenic still in her hand.


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